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About the bot itself, the general idea is to inform artists when their work is featured on Equestria Daily, so they can either be happy about it or ask the blogponies to remove their content from the blog.

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If you are an avid fan and keep up with what's happening you have probably noticed that there has been quite a bit of a controversial debate about "Equality" in Pony. Discussions about the topic sometimes turn quite heated, even...
However, for all that is said and done... I'm sorry to say, but you all got it wrong. Let's take a moment to look into what Equality is really like in Pony.

Fsgsg by dennyvixen
Art by :icondennyvixen: ©2015

There are two different types of Equality in Pony, the first is referred to as Identity Equality whereas the second is known as Structural Equality.
Let's take a quick peek at both of them to understand the differences.

Identity Equality
The purpose of Identity Equality checks in Pony is to verify that two "things" are exactly the same "thing". The Identity Equality check in Pony is done via the keyword is.
Let's have an example:

let trixie = Pony("Trixie")
let moondancer = Pony("Moondancer")

if trixie is moondancer then
  // Trixie and Moondancer may both be ponies and unicorns, but they are NOT the same pony, so this Identity Equality check will fail

let tGaPT = trixie
if trixie is tGaPT then
  // This check will succeed, tGaPT and trixie are the same in terms of Identity Equality! They are just different "names" for the same pony if you will, but they both refer to the one and only pony Trixie

Structural Equality
In contrast to Identity Equality, Structural Equality is used to verify that two "things" have the same value. Structural Equality checks in Pony are done via ==, the behavior of this operator depends on how the function eq is implemented in your code. If you don't implement it, the default behavior will be to use Identity Equality checks for the == checks, as well.
Let's have an example:

class Pony
 let _name: String

 new create(name: String) =>
   _name = name

 fun eq(otherPony: box->Pony): Bool =>
   this._name == otherPony._name

actor Main
 new create(env: Env) =>
   let trixie = Pony("Trixie")
   let pinkieCloneA = Pony("Pinkie Pie")
   let pinkieCloneB = Pony("Pinkie Pie")

   if trixie == pinkieCloneB then
     // This check will fail, Structural Equality is not given as one pony's name is Trixie and the other's Pinkie Pie and only the names are compared as per our definition of eq
     env.out.print("Equal 1") // This won't print

   if pinkieCloneA == pinkieCloneB then
     // This check will succeed! Structural Equality is given as both clones share the name Pinkie Pie and nothing else matters as per our definition of eq
     env.out.print("Equal 2") // This will print

   if pinkieCloneA is pinkieCloneB then
     // While the clones are equal in terms of Structural Equality, they are not the same! They are two different ponies, so an Identity Equality check will fail
     env.out.print("Equal 3") // This won't print

There you go, these are the two types of Equality Pony knows. I hope this little comparison has been interesting to you and will help stop any confusion there might be about "Equality" in Pony.
Take care!

If you want to learn more about Pony, check out the tutorial page which this brief overview was also based on as you will notice.
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VeteranPegasister Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Me if the bot ever blesses me with it's all holy presence~. Happy dance! -Markiplier Free2use

That day will probably never come. But hey! I can still dream can I not? XD
EqDBot Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Today is Vinyl + Octavia appreciation day on Equestria Daily! There will be an open art segment, allowing any skill level to join in.
You could shoot for that if you like :)
VeteranPegasister Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Wha~?! That sounds like fun actually! I might just do that! Thank you so much for letting me know~! X3
EqDBot Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Here's some more info…
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Noodlefreak88 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You've given credit to an art thief Cute Fluttershy
The person who uploaded this image is doing it without permission from the actual artist. Miss Smile does not post on DA but on her facebook. She can be found via:
EqDBot Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thank you for bringing this up.
If you are sure about this, please message the guys at Equestria Daily about it so they can keep an eye out for that and avoid featuring the fraud again.
You can reach them as described here…

Or get in touch here at DA directly :iconsethisto: :iconcalpain-eqd:
Noodlefreak88 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, I've posted on both of their accounts about this.
FirestormDangerDash Featured By Owner May 23, 2017
Am I real or just a simulation in your code?
EqDBot Featured By Owner May 23, 2017
Guess we'll never know for sure ;) 
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